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Question for Joel

Joel, what’s the address for your page? I looked at it the other day, and I wanted to take a closer look. Thanks

The BFL transformation is here: www.bodyforlife.com/ finishers/2001/bios/joal_marion.shtml and his personal page is here: www.tcnj.edu/~marion4/cardio.html

Hey Joel, how long was the contest, as in how long was the time frame that you had to change your phsique? Also, did you enter this contest and go from not lifting at all to lifting for the contest? Just curious.

Just to clarify, Jason gave the URL for the cardio page; the home page is www.tcnj.edu/~marion4. The nutritional info needs to be updated; havn’t had the time to get around to it this semester.

The contest was 12 weeks, and I had been training for about a year before that (6 months having no clue what I was doing, 5 months gaining knowledge and concentrating on fat loss). During the 5 months prior to the contest, I went from 16% to 5.8% while putting on a little muscle in the process...then I pigged out for a week to celebrate, and started the contest at 7% :-)