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Question for Joel Marion

Joel, wow… Thanks for all of your posts on the 5x5 program vs. Meltdown. Regarding your recommedation to do sprints while dieting and on 5x5, do you have any specific protocols that you can recommend? I was going to follow John Berardi’s advice of altering slow running on a flat plane with slow running on a plane of around 10 degrees but I’d rather do regular all-out sprints altered with slow running in the park by my house. Thanks…

Joel went over his sprinting protocol in a post entitled “High Intensity Interval Training - Charles Staley” or you could check it out at http://www.tcnj.edu/~marion4/ cardio.html#High Intensity Interval Training
good luck

I think a mix of Berardi’s protocol of 1:3 max effort to active rest (30 seconds sprint, 90 seconds slow jog or walk) and some 1:1 or 1:1/2 sessions is optimal. You can find a couple of the latter types of programs on my cardio page (www.tcnj.edu/~marion4/cardio.html)

Over a two week time period, I would try to get 3 of each protocol in, certainly no more.