Question For JMB

John, are you convinced that protein supplements containing a protein blend (ie. whey + casein + egg white) have rendered whey only supplements obsolete in terms of effectiveness (outside of post-workout)? It seems to me that this issue was never concluded.

Sorry to bore you folks. One more try.

Stu, Thanks for quoting me accurately (thats novel on this forum!) In an upcoming book that Ive contributed to (I wrote the protein chapter), I make a STRONG argument for this. The research is WAY too compelling that a blend is better. The book will be out in sept or october. It’s too much discussion to get into now, but trust me on this…once you read the chapter you will be a believer. Heck, I have nothing to gain (nor does Biotest) from recommending blends, I do so because Im pretty convinced that you need both casein and whey. There is alot of research out there that most of you havent seen! CFM whey protein mixed with cottage cheese is also a great protein blend so its not like Im only pushing Advanced Protein or something.