Question for JMB

ok JMB in your massive eating article u have a formula for insulin sensitivity and i am not understanding some of the figures in it. the one i mean is this: Fasted insulin(mU/L)/22.5xE to the X e-in(Fasted glucose (mmol/L). Ok now what does the 22.5xE to the X e-in mean? whats E and X and e-in. I dont understand that at all if u could help me out i would appreciate it . Thanks!!

Fasted Insulin (mU/L)/22.5e-ln(fasted glucose - mmol/L)
[Fasted Insulin (pmol/L) x Fasted Glucose (mmol/L)]/135

Based on what results your doc gives you (units-wise), use one of the above. For the first it is your fasted insulin divided by 22.5 multiplied by e raised to the power of the negative natural log of your fasted glucose. Basically to do this work backwards. Take the negative ln (it's on any scientific calculator) of your fasted glucose in mmol/L. Then take e raised to the power of that number (again e to the x is on your calculator). Then multiply this number by 22.5 Then divide your fasted insulin in mU/L by the number you get.

hmm i looked at my scientific calculator and i see a few e and x thigs two mainly one is a capiltal Ex sorta like thaqt the other is a lowercase e with an exponential x. well is there anyway to break down the mU/l to get pmol/L? maybe that would be easier? if its possible. Thanks for the reply.

ill get backl to ya on my results just to check my math JMB thanks.