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Question for JMB

JMB, I’ve heard you say “get at least 1.5 times your BW in protein” more than once. Is this what you consider to be the bare minimum? What if you were following the Don’t Diet, and using the 50carb-35pro-15fat ratio, and 35% protein was lower than 1.5 times your BW? What would you reccomend in that case? Thanks.

many will argue that this may be overkill but I usually stay around this level whether im dieting or not. sometimes i go higher. you see, i like protein alot. my protein “needs” may not be 1.5g per pound (i.e. to keep a neutral or slightly positive nitrogen balance) but I think that since protien is the most satiating macro, since the higher the nitrogen balance the higher the potential muscle gain, and since it’s the most thermogenic macro…why not eat more than I need? within reason of course…