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Question for Jim Wendler


Hello Mr. Wendler!

I will begin by saying that I really enjoy your programs. Nothing I've tried in the past has gotten me further in my lifts.

I am training for a Strongman competition and need more conditioning. I was contemplating the notion of adding about 5-10 heavy Kettle bell swings in between sets of the 5/3/1 and 5x10.

My question is if doing this will negatively effect my subsequent sets? I was thinking by keeping it to 5-10 so that it shouldn't over-fatigue me where I cannot complete my sets and set a PR.

I got the idea from Bud Jefferies in his book "I Will Be Iron" and thought it might work (making sure credit is given when due).

I appreciate any insight you can give on this.


I wouldn't suggest doing conditioning between your strength sets. Lift for strength and size, then rest for 10-15 minutes and hit your conditioning. Compartmentalize the two on training days and get the most out of each.


Why would you do swings for strongman? Do some power cleans in your program, stick to basic lifts and do short medlys

Do some farmers walks, tire flips, stone loading on pull days ...as your assistance.

On squat day you can rep out a squat and run hills, do some throws maybe keg carries or stone carry

On bench day do some burpees and maybe gpp work

On press day you can try to get reps for time for your + sets.


And id drop the 5x10 bbb and instead do rep goals like in the new book get 20,30 or so reps in the shortest time possible. The book says 50 but id stick to the type of strength you need.

So squat then 30 rep pull for time and maybe youll do stone loading this day and mobility

Deadlift then 30 rep squat for time and stone carry and sprints

Press etc maybe do clean and press instead

Bench etc id lower your bench intensity and just do prescribed reps.

Get some lighter power clean work before squats orpulls for speed work and do some throws on upper days also ..shot put maybe. Sorry but i keep having ideas lol


Swings I would do for overall cardio and explosiveness without impact (because my feet can't take running or whatnot).

I really like that idea of doing a rep max for time instead of the 5x10... It would shorten my gym time but simultaneously increaasing the intensity and volume... love it... thank you. I admittedly did not get through the entire book as I stopped at the boring but big portion because I liked it so much and ran with that.

I am keeping away from the cleans and carries for now due to rolling my ankle kinda badly while doing some farmers walks. I don't think it would have been so bad if I wasn't carrying an additional 230lbs, really unsure how that happened as I have been doing farmers walks for ages and it's the first time I ever rolled my ankle. Once my ankle heals I will certainly change back to the cleans and carries for conditioning. I can see how I did not make that clear so I want to make sure I stated that now.

I think I will stop doing so many reps on the bench so I can do better on my presses. I was seeing the bench as no more than an assistance to my presses so that will probably help more.

Thanks for the suggestions, I will certainly run with those!


Joey is right - Swings are an AWUFL "conditioning" tool for real athletes and competitors. For the average person, they are fine (I still would never recommend them to anyone) but if your goal is to be fucking great, ditch the balls.

If your conditioning is shit then develop an aerobic base, use event practice to help you develop the needs for competition and find other ways to develop your specific conditioning.

But for in the name of Satan, don't fuck up your lifting with the smoke screen and charlatan ways of the KB Konditioning Krue.


LMAO.... I see what you did there. BRAVO SIR!