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Question for JB

How are you John B.! I have a question about your massive eating and Don’t Diet diets. In all of your sample meal plans, I’ve noticed that you never mix a solid protein(Fish, Chicken, etc.)with grains or veggies(rice,oats,brocolli,etc.). It’s always with a salad. You always add the grains with the supplemental proteins. Is it not good to mix meats with carbs even if it’s a p+c meal? Also how much water is absolutly necessary to consume on training and non-training days? Thank You for everything you do JB!

I had silently wondered this as well, but felt too stoopid to ask. Since I’m not the only person wondering… does it matter if your p+c meals are all “real” food, or should you combine “real” carbs with protein supplements for some reason? Or is it just to keep total calories lower for the meal since you can get alot more protein bang for your calorie buck with powders?

I suspect it may be because animal meat often has a good deal of fat in it. Thats why I usually ahve my carbs in a shake, as opposed to a meat for protein. - PJ