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Question for Jason Norcross

Jason, I remember a couple of weeks ago, you had a formula of calories to intake while on MAg-10 (3 X LBM for carbs, 2 X LBM for protein)but I forget what it was for fat. Was it 1/2 X LBM for fat? Thanks

Let me step in for Jason here and say 2.5g/lb of LBM for carbs, 2g/lb of LBM for protein and then just supplement with 3-6 grams of EPA/DHA. The rest of the fat that you intake should be that which is naturally occuring within the meat you eat. The object is to minimize fat as much as possible while still consuming some essential fats.

If I may gainsay Joel’s post, I took in 2.5 g. carbs/lb and 2 g. protein/lb. while on Mag-10, but I also made sure to get about 115 grams of fat every day from good sources too (flax, olive oil, fish, etc.) to round out my caloric intake. I had great success doing this (13 lbs. LBM gained in 2 weeks) and can’t really see how replacing all my fat with more carbs and protein would’ve helped.

These of course are general guidelines, but I would recommend 2g/lb LBM of pro, 3g/lb LBM of carbs (although 2.5 could still be plenty) and .5g/lb LBM of fat. Joel’s got the right idea with getting a good source of EPA/DHA, but I think a little more fat is ok to make total calorie needs. I would not shy away from mixed nuts, natural peanut butter and whole eggs for instance, but pro and cho are priority.

Thanks guys