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Question For Jason Norcross

Jason in another thread(which I can’t seem to find) you talked about cycling protein when you were on your off weeks of Mag-10. I would like to know how that is going for you because I am thinking of trying it on my next off cycle. Also, how is the 10 sets of 10 training coming along on your on weeks of Mag-10? Thanks

Well, you’ve got my plan down correctly, but I’m not starting until June 3rd with my 12 week ABCDE cycle. With my job change and the fact that my wife and I are moving this month, I decided to hold off on my all out assault on mass and wait until I had an appropriate time frame to do so.

I will definately keep you posted on how it is going once I get started though. Eric is doing something very similar right now and is just beginning his first 2 off weeks. He'll be able to comment better in the near future.

My plan is really based on improving the ABCDE diet with MAG-10, massive eating and the proper kind of training for on and off weeks. I was not planning to cycle protein, but from my conversations with Joel, I decided to at least give it a shot.

Done correctly, it works. If not done correctly; you will have problems and wont get results. I believe many of the reasons people failed to see results from cycling is because they got 1/2 of it down, but the other half they didn’t…I’m writing an article for T-mag right now about it. If it gets in, you’ll know everything you need to know to maximize your Mag-10 off weeks.

Jason, thanks for responding. I am going to try the protein cycling on my next off cycle. Since Iam ahead of you I will post and let you know how the cycling is coming along fortunately I still have the MM2K mags with all the ABCDE articles in them. Bruce

I’m giving it a go over the next two weeks in between Mag-10 cycles. I figure that I’m young; I still have plenty of time to make mistakes if it doesn’t work out. I’m alternating four days of normal protein (250 grams P, 170g C, and 80g F) with 3 days low protein (86g P, 450g C, and 26g F). Obviously, that’s a broad outline, because I have no idea how I’m going to be getting in enough EPA/DHA on low protein days. Luckily, I’ve got Jason and Joel for moral support! As far as training goes, I’m using 5x5 training (my own version that varies muscle group pairings), plus longer HIIT post-lifting as well as sprints on some off days. So far, things are going well, although my first low protein day isn’t until Tuesday. I plan to keep a close eye on skinfolds and body weight throughout. Ideally, I’d like to shed about 2 lbs. of the fat I gained on my recently completed Mag-10 cycle before starting up my next one in two weeks. I’ll fill you in on how it goes. Let me know if you have any questions.

I have a question for either Joel or Jason. I am four weeks away from completing my latest cutting cycle. I am aiming for 205 9-10%. I am going to be going from that to MAG-10 (2x/day, Myostat, Tribex and M in the off weeks.) My question is: 1) I am not one to lost bodyfat easily, how can I keep it off during the 12 or so weeks I will be trying to gain mass, 2) do I use the off weeks to lose the fat, 3) can I gain the muscle and lose fat at the same time while during the on weeks, 3) and how, by incorporating what kind of cardio. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I’ll let Joel tackle your question first. He has been through the process. I have some great ideas and I’ll see if I have anything different to add after he responds.

If you contact me at my site (www.tcnj.edu/~marion4) I’ll reply to you with the details.

Jason, I'll be forwarding him the email that I previously sent to you and Eric; if you have something to add to this, by all means, go right ahead.

Best of luck,

Eric, what’re your stats now, dude? You made some pretty amazing progress from what I saw on your website. Keep it up bro.

Thanks bud. I got down to about 6-7% with my cutting cycle. I maintained it for a bit, then hit the Mag-10 and wound up at 163 at 9.2%. Since then, I’ve gone done to 161.5 from lowering carbs, and I’m using a modified version of the ABCDE program right now to shed a little more fat before I restart the Mag-10 next Friday. The goal when the 12 weeks is over is a lean 175, but only time will tell. Thanks again for the kind words.