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Question for J. Berardi

We all know you use hydrosolate and casien at specifc time for their respective benefits. But, in your sample meal plan, you also use whey isolate quite a bit. Is this because it is low fat, or do you think it is a superior protein? Or both? Also, is CFM better than ion-exchange isolate?

It’s because it was FREE!

I dont eat the same things year-round. Im always experimenting. Recently I just recieved some FREE whey isolate so that’s been what I’ve been using.

Dont bog yourself down with the particulars. The difference between CFM, isolate, and concentrate is minimal. However, if the price is not too different, CFM may have some additional benefit. However I always weigh the cost against the benefit so if CFM is much more in cost, then it's probably not worth it.

JMB…so how much free stuff did you get?