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Question for J.Berardi

I was wondering if a 40%carb,40%pro,20%fat ratio would work with Massive Eating? Or, would you only reccomend the 3 ratios you gave. Also, you use Whey Protein isolate. Is this because you think it is a superior protein? And is CFM isolate better than ion exchange isolate?

dude, quit being a dumbass. go back and re-read the articles. if you’re not using one of the three ratios listed in the article, then you’re not following the Massive Eating plan. don’t make it more complex than it has to be. if you wanna eat alot of food to put on mass, eat alot of food, simple as that.

Everyone is different so that ratio could work for you. It all depends. Start with the ratios JB wrote about and go from there. And the postworkout protein is Whey hydrolysate. Not the same thing as regular isolate. That is important.

Cougar, I know John uses hydrosolate post work-out. However, when he posted his sample diet recently, he used isolate during some other regular meals. That’s why I asked him that question.

Oh, I guess I didn’t catch that. Well I believe most of the literature says CFM is superior to ion exchange. I believe it is a newer process.

Cougar- I was wondering where you found the old posts about John’s workouts? Thanks.

Just type in John M Berardi in the author column to the left and search. The workout post was made march 7 2001 under the heading Re: More Arnold Classic Poobah. Just scroll down to that post.