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Question for Irondoc


Doc, just wanted to say thanks for all the advice you've given regarding various injuries and recommended treatment. I have one more question for you if you wouldn't mind answering.

I've got a problem with experiencing a sharp, moderately intense lower back pain anytime I do most any stretch or exercise that involves bending over laterally, such as when I do bent presses or windmills, or the various Man of Steel stretches. Anything specific that might be causing this? I've been doing cryotherapy and I also mentioned this to my ART practitioner but he only gave me a simple adjustment for it and it hasn't helped so far.

Thanks again...your help is greatly appreciated!


Were is the pain exactly? It could be the QL(quadratus lumborum) or a few other ares. Some of the small muscles can be involved such as the multifidi, inter transversi, or the rotatores. It could the the dorsal sacral ligament. Or all of the above. I'm off to the gym, but get back on the exact location as specific as possible. That would help.


Well it's primarily around the center in the area right above the buttocks. Basically if you were to put a tape measure that goes directly over the navel, it is the area underneath that and above the glutes. I know I don't have very good lower back rotation if that tells you anything. I have had various problems in the lumbosacral area. Sorry I can't be more specific but this isn't my area of expertise. Thanks a million for your help!


Okay, that helps. you always need to check the ext. hip rotatores and hip flexors and rectus area. stretch those. There is a possibility of adhesions in the dorsal sacral region, sacrotuberous ligament, and the region of the QL/gluteus max junction. Stretch these ares also. Make sure your provider goes over these well.