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Question for imhungry


What if you were trapped in a room with fleece johnson and he was determined to get your booty? And you had to give up your booty or die? What would you do?


Saved it.


Oh I cannot wait for the LULZ to ensue!


That girls butt reminds me of those sunscreen bottles with the little girl and the dog on the beach.


I'd hit it.




hope this helps


I accidentally the whole thing.


Who is Fleece?


Headhunter is bored again


If you had to live the empty, unfulfilling life of Headhunter, you would get bored too.


Wow, pretty soon tigerboy is going to be up there with Prof X!



Those ads were all over the boardwalk in the 70's. I popped many a boner as a boy from viewing those ads back then, and it was the beginning of my ass appreciation.
Then when I was 14 I saw a woman lose her bikini top in the ocean. She didn't even know it was gone for several breathtaking seconds... until her boyfriend pointed it out. I still have that image imprinted on my brain. It was then that I became a boob man... er, boy.



I can tell ya what...

I like ya... and I want cha...

we could do this the easy way or the hard way...

So the choice is yours, right...


Well, it would depend on what his plans were after he's done with the booty.

Would he want a relationship? Or, would it just be a booty call type of thing?

This isn't just a simple question, son. There's too many other variables that go along with booty penetration.

Maybe i'm just overthinking this...... Hmmmmmmmmmmm.


Also, what's in it for him?

I need answers, Clip.


Im just messing with you imhungry. I just wanted to get you going.


IH does have a nice ass. I'm sure Fleece would find it very bootilicious. I'd pay to see this.


Who the FUCK is Fleece???


Did you comfortable yourself?