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Question for hormone experts

Im 19 and I have hypotestosterone. Im taking 50mg testosterone a day in a transdermal gel for replacement therapy (5mg absorbed). Im going to try an 8-week 4-AD-EC cycle. Should I keep taking the testosterone or should I drop it? Im not sure if it would be harmful or beneficial to stack them. The reason why Im going to start the 4-AD-EC is because the testosterone provides total but not free so Im still dealing with the symptoms and problems of low T. Im also taking M.

Keep taking the T therapy. 4-AD, although it converts to T to a small degree (< 10%), exerts most of its anabolic effects through other mechanisms. If low free T is the problem, and you know this for a fact, check out Tribex. Look at the studies published here on the site a while back, conducted on endurance cyclists ( the article I believe was written by J Berardi, "The Truth about Tribex, or “Taking Tribex for a test drive”, it was a very well controlled study showing large increases in free T (+28%) compared to placebo (-19%. Thats the best supplement in the Biotest arsenal for increasing Testosterone.