Question for Guys from Jersey

So ive trained with boxing equipment for years, mostly for exercise…just basic stuff, heavy bag, speed bag, jump rope. I never had any interest in really developing skill or competing until recently. Dont know why really, i just got the itch to compete and would love to test myself in that way. My question is; does anyone know any good boxing gyms in Jersey that you would recommend checking out?

Most of the places Im seeing look like health clubs for middle aged women. Im looking for a place where i can really learn something and eventually get myself into amateur fights or smokers. By the way, i live pretty close to Newark just to give a basic idea of where im at.

Check your PMs homey.

the place i go to is in pompton lakes, its called cannonball training. i know the guys have expirence in, box, wrestling, mma and naga.

I currently train Krav Maga there, but they also have a good boxing program.