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question for goldberg,irondoc, steve, landon, big martin, ect...

hey guys,
after a pretty good deadlift workout the other day, (250kgx1), i am thinking about entering a push pull meet this winter. it has been 9 years since i competed in PL. i am recovering from some injuries, i am looking for some advice on how to get in shape to start westside full throttle.

i was thinking of lactic acid tolerance training for a few weeks, for squat and bench, and using the rep method on ME days, then start up at the end of that cycle, IF everything holds together.

any suggestions?

Just wanted to throw in my “good luck!” on your training and “congrats!” on your decision to re-enter the competitive arena, heavy!


Don’t have anything to share other than I think its awesome that you are getting back in the game Heavy! Great news. You are one solid individual and I wish you all the luck in the world.


Start your training with a gradual lactic cycle.

If you want, just use reptition method for all of your accessory, and follow the standard principles for ME and DE main lifts.

If you are still trying to get your bodyfat down, I would really suggest the metabolic diet. I got on this for 4 weeks, and I lost 14lbs. 197 -> 183. But I came off of it simply because I wanted my carbs again :slight_smile: My strength and LBM never changed. I think I posted a picture in the race for 200 when I was at my lowest weight.

Anyways, you should do good in competition. Just hang out in the westside thread if you have questions.

I dont know why but im not in good shape and i can do lactic acid training all day long. I didnt lift for two weeks, did nothing outside the gym at all, and did 15 sets of box squats with 315 on saturday. I could have done 20. Now when i did 20 sets the last time, it was pretty hard, but i was only going to do ten the other day but just kept going. I think you would be good just to jump right in. thats what i did from the beginning and i had no problems. im going with raw weight for a while with no bands or chains but will be adding them back in due time.

yesterday, before i posted my origional question in this thread, i did some LAT with box squats. i used 225lbs of straight weight with the SS bar, did 12x2 with 30 sec rest between sets. today my back is jacked up! i am havng some sciatica, and general symptoms of bulging discs(pain/pressure when having bowel movement, sneezing, coughing ect). so my back is NOT ready for box squats.

Tom from EFS sugested that i use a higher box, that does not cause low back pain, which i did about 3 months ago, was hitting 315 straight weight for 8x2 with a box that had me JUST above parallel. no back problems, but i tore a quad muscle!!!
when i ask the guys on the westside forum about changing my training to suit a push-pull meet, they say absolutley not. keep everything the same. but seeing how i can deadlift without aggrevating my injury, and that westsiders (with the exception of a few remarkable individuals) are known more for there squating and benching, perhaps i should take my own advice and drop the wide stance deep box squats and either do just speed pulls for DE day, or perhaps some “higher” box squats with a moderate stance as to simulate my conventional pulling style?

any suggestions???

Heavy I like latic acid training with the SSBAR with a regulr bar it beats up my shoulders and bicep tendons preety bad…For the bench Yea start with 9 sets of 3 with about 55% start hitting singles in the 90% range after your dynamic sets to see how they fell…max effort work use 5x5 or max sets of 3…depending on how you fell…You know what you are doing big man, dont overthink it and just kick some ass and up your gpp, Personally I would start a 4 week squat cycle with the SSBAR if you got one, it is also much easier on the body for max effort work… 12 sets week1, 15 sets weeks 2, 18 sets weks 3, 20 sets weeks 4, then hit up a cycle of your choose, good luck big fellow and if you hav any questions just give me a holla…Big Martin

thanks for the encouragement tony and patricia! i am going to need it, especiallly now(see my last post). goldie, “jump right in” remember, i am not a young buck like you, and here is a total of the injuries i am dealing with.

march-herniated 3 lumbar discs doing squats, 2 of those disks have anular tears(partial ruptures)
june-doing “high” box squats to take pressure of my low back, tore a muscle in my right quad.
august-sever strain of right pec muscle doing a 275lb close grip incline press.
for as long as i can remember: tendonitis left elbow.

ART has helped the thigh, no treatment besides active recovery for the chest injury, ART did NOTHING for my back and elbow. elbow feels a little better latley, but i can do NO tricept extensions, for tricepts, i use close grip partial ROM pressing movements, dips, and LIGHT pushdowns with bands. just one workout with even light tricept extensions or JM presses, and my elbow is back to square one!!!

point is, i cant just “jump-in”. i really want to, but i have to be careful, as i have a family to support. louie once told me that westside training can make you or break you…i wonder if it broke me,LOL!

heavy ok, I posted this before I saw your last post if you look at there training logs theyhave been deadlifting for max effort work abut twice a month…If you feel like you need to pull more by all means do it…Big Martin

Heavy, not a bad idea to do some higher box squats with a closer stance for awhile. If you can do these without substantial pain or injury, I’d stick with them.

Im doing a deadlift specific form of conjugate training, with speed days in the form of high pulls etc. and the heavy days with anything that I Can think of, mainly GMs (normal and off the pins) and box squats. Just alter around exercises and see what works that doesnt aggrevate the back. My back is finally back almost pefect and I have been able to train heavy lower body for the first time in 6years.

Okay it sounds like an interesting case. For the back, A higher box would probably help. I would also get a pair of Metal briefs for dynamic day. I had some lower back issues(but not a disc) for years that they helped tremendously.

Get the seminar series, or take a seminar. Form is critical. I've taken three seminars and my form is always off. The better the from, less chance of injuries. If you can do reverse hypers, do them. you're going to have to decide if you have "good" pain, or "bad pain". You know the difference.

 I've been using the SSB for dynamic days lately to protect my shoulder. It's been helping. It does raise the center of gravity and might help at a lower weight, or aggravte. Try different bars. You want speed on speed day. Changing bars is great and all, but try to find the least problematic.

 Heavy sled draggin is another option. You can get a lot of posterior chain work with less compression than other exercises.

If you need to improve your flexiblity, work on that. Improved flexibility in the hip, hip flexor, lower back, and hamstring region will take some stress off the lower back also. the westside boys aren't alway big on stretching, but I do feel good ole static stretching helps keep down the build up of myofascial adhesions. Remember Louie himself wrote in an article how a Chinese medical doctor told him his flexibility was a disgrace. 

Hope this helps. Pm me if you’d like my office number. I’m a lousy typist, but a better explainer.

Heavy I got ART for my triceps and it only helped a little. What helped more is getting elbow sleeves and stopping the extensions for a while. I hurt mine initially trying to do triceps extensions with the sled. That was stupid. Ive also found pain with JM Presses when i go too low. I would say stick with board presses for a while and nix the extensions. also get some elbow sleeves and where them all the time for a while when you train.