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Question for GH Experts/BBers-Mealk Timing


I have a question that I have not been able to fully get a resolute answer to with regards to meal timing and GH injections. I'm leaning more towards a longer, lower dose style of use because my biggest concern is tendon, ligament, and injury repair, and might consider using some of your protocols in the future. So assuming an early morning (4-6am) and early afternoon (or possibly after work at say 6pm) injection of 2iu each, how long before or after injections should I be eating, and do certain nutrients impact the exogenous growth more or less.

For example I like to eat, and it's almost always a relatively small protein/fat meal such as 50g of protein and 5 fish oil capsules, at around 4-6am when I awake to go to the bathroom. This is when I was going to do my first shot of the day. Is it also ok to eat at this time or will it blunt the effects of the GH. Does the type of meal and macros matter, and are there specific macros to avoid around the time of GH injections (say 1 hour before and after, or more importantly at the same time)?

Then when doing my second injection, if I inject at 6pm and I plan to eat a decent sized carb plus protein meal at around 6:30 to 7 with some Glucophage and then go to the gym, will the meal negatively impact the GH, or vice versa, especially considering it will be a slightly high carb meal that is meant to spike insulin. I know that a lot of BBers using GH and insulin do a shot of gh and then one of insulin 1 hour later, so perhaps there isn't huge worry of overlap and they actually work well together, so I guess the concept of putting a high-carb, insulin inducing meal 45-60 min after a GH injection is pretty much the same and should be ok.


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"BBB, I’m glad you responded, I was really hoping to hear your thoughts.

I wouldn’t say either way that I’m leaning towards one goal over the other, but more concerned with healing. I know that you are a big fan of using GH in a burst method with IM or even IV injections, with high doses, every 2nd to third day, but for my first time using Growth I’m going to go the slow and steady route. I will consider using a method like yours in subsequent cycles. Although using it your way might result in better muscle growth and physique changes (hyperplasia, etc…), I wouldn’t say that going 4ius 5 days per week, 2 off is completely worthless for muscle growth, and so to say that I’m really looking for both healing and increased muscle mass/structural changes is not too much of a stretch. Many people, including a lot of authors such as L Rea and Anthony Roberts, are fans of and have had people make very good gains off of longer medium dose cycles, and this is what I plan to do this first time. I have no doubt I’ll make solid gains and feel a lot better, and that’ s my goal, but I’d like to not short change any potential muscle gains I could have because even though this might not be the absolute best way to use growth for mesomorphic physique changes, it will still be very effective, and so I’d like to nail down the diet specifics.

Perhaps I’m overanalyzing it, but it seems that there are probably some hard and fast basic rules regarding when to eat, what to eat, what not to eat, in the periods of time before and after a GH injection. I’m just curious as to what people’s thoughts are. I’m particularly wondering two main things: 1) if I take a shot at 4-5am, is it going to be counterproductive in general if I also throw down a protein shake and some fish oil with it while I’m up. 2) Is it ok to eat a meal of about 50-75g carbs and 50g protein (like oatmeal with a protein shake) about an hour after my 5:30 to 6pm shot and then go to the gym. I’m thinking this is ok since it would spike insulin in the presence of already elevated GH (generally a good thing from reading Anthony Robert’s and other’s books). Overall I just want to get a conversation going regarding macronutrient intake while on GH particulary at or near the time of the injections.

Any and all info or past experience you might give me would be good. I know you’re a fan of post workout injections I believe, or maybe it’s pre workout (which is what I’ll be doing). So what do you eat with this shot? I’m assuming you eat something before and after a workout.

I’m not looking to do this for another couple of months until I iron out these types of details, no need to rush without knowing the facts as best as I can.