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Question for Drax

Hey Drax. I’m just curious if you have gained the 100 pounds muscle in one year which you claim can be done. I would be impressed with 1/5 of that amount.

Just follow the directions in the Rader Master Method Bodybuilding & Weight Gaining System by Peary Rader. There’s a bunch of routines based on breathing squats & that’s basically it. The diet/nutrition stuff isn’t really high tech but it doesn’t have to be. Just eat everything that doesn’t bite back like John McCallum says. Of course a 100lb gain in a year isn’t typical & it might not be 100% muscle, but it’s a weight gaining thing & of someone puts enough stress on the body it can’t do anything but grow. Rader says use as much weight as possible & don’t rack the weight until 20 reps are done, take as long as it takes. He said when he was lifting, he might get to rep 18 & have to let go of the bar & push on his knees to halp finish the last couple. That’s the sort of effort it takes, but I think it’s possible.

So basically you havent gained the 100 pounds that you implied wasnt hard to do in another thread.

Is this book still available? I coundn’t find it on Amazon.I read a similiar routine in Ironman years ago.

Shit, why do people feel the need to attack someone. He never said it was easy, he said it was possible. Whenever someone can’t do something, they have to attack someone else just to feel better. If you’re skinny, eat big and train big. Basics that never fail. I don’t know about 100lbs in a year, but I don’t doubt it. Cool out with the personal attack threads.

Bill Hinbern has reprints of that Peary Rader thing available at his site superstrengthbooks.com It’s from 1954 so the pics & stuff are pretty low tech, but there are lots of good training ideas for gaining weight. Chris why don’t you cut & paste all the stuff I said when I said ‘that was me gaining 100lbs in a year & it wasn’t any work at all’. So basically I didn’t say the stuff you claim I said.

I don’t think this is humanly possible even if on roids. This whole idea seems rediculous to me.
As for why people feel the need to attack others, check out Drax’s post above attacking someone else. What goes around, comes around. I try not to flame anyone and usually ignore the posts I don’t agree with but this seems crazy.

My question is why? Why in the world would anyone need and extra 100 pounds of muscle on their frame? regardless of time frame.

Some people want to get big & strong & don’t care what whether they look good or not.


A high school lineman for one, or a college footbal player. linemen are now approaching the 350 range, so a high school or college footbal player may want to add some serious weight to get that pay check.

Of course you realize they are assuming you are taking anabolic steroids.

Who gained 100 natural pounds? I was just thinking about Poliquins theory about arm size to body weight theory. Let’s pretend he’s right, this would mean a 6.6 inch gain in arm size in one year. Any thoughts on that?

Hey all you guys that think roids are the only way to gain 100 in a year here’s a story: My aunt is a big woman. Well one day her husband (my uncle) filled for divorce. It caused my aunt to dive into depression and she ate all the time. When anyone would comment on her weight gain or depression it would just make her binge. She gained around 140 Lbs. in 18 months and then had a heart attack. She was 39, since then she has lost 200 lbs. in 3 1/2 - 4 years. So the moral of the story is that if you workout hard and eat like my aunt then anything is possible, even without juice.

Gaining 100 lbs is entirely different then gaining 100 lbs of MUSCLE. Not 60 lbs of muscle and 40 lbs of fat. 100 POUNDS OF MUSCLE!!

I just read some Ironman issue and it said Casey Viator gained 68 lbs lean mass in 4 weeks.

Some quick calculations may put this 100 lb. gain in perspective: Let’s assume (this is a gross oversimplification, but this is just to give us a point of reference) we’re trying to gain 100 lbs. of weight in a year, all of it fat. We approximate that it takes a 3500 kcal surplus to create a lb. of fat. So 100lbs. x 3500 kcal = 350,000 kcal surplus. So we divide by 52 weeks, and we get about 6700 kcal surplus a week to achieve a 100 lb. gain in fat over the course of a year.

We’re looking at about 1000 extra kcals over maintenance, per day for a full year. I have no literature regarding how many calories we need to build one pound of muscle,(I don’t know if such a thing exists), but this gives us a ballpark figure as to the kind of eating one must do if he hopes to come close to a 100 lb. gain in any time span.

I’ve read on different muscle mag sites that like you said fat is 3500 calories while muscle is 2500 calories (tho this particular site was praising soy so… who the fudge knows…).