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Question for Doug K.

Great article Doug! I was wondering if you can tell me where I can purhase the two herbs for relaxation that you mentioned. I would like to try some.

I buy them online. Put the name in a Yahoo search and look for a company in Oregon who sells the stuff. Easy, price affordable.

I’m not coming up with much. Can I have another hint?

Doug, that was a very interesting article concerning the fat loss compound. Have you “pitched” the idea to any supplement companies like Biotest for example? Thanks.

How about just giving us the address? Please?

I have not pitched the idea or synthesized Azaftig myself, though with a molecular weight of 24Kd it should not be hard.

As far as companies who sell the herbal relaxers (sp) I will get back to you on their addresses. Keep in mind that you will receive raw material and not the isolated compound for encapsulation (which a supplement company should do...)

maybe everyone here should put in a request to kilo sports and see if they can source it and get some kind of extract.

Did a search on Yahoo and just found information on the seeds/plants/etc - no info on purchasing the product at all and no info on an encapsulated form. I would love to try this out, has anyone found a link to who seels this stuff???

I did the same search and everything that came up was a government or educational site. The only exception was a place in australia with very ambiguous info and one place in Illinois that wanted to charge $105 for a live plant(give me a damn break). I’m sure you can get the seeds from your local seed bank, I’m trying to see if any university departments can get them for me. I can’t find any place in Oregon though.

Just wanted to see if anyone had any luck locating an online retailer.