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Question for Destroying Fat

I’ve read the thread but I was planning on doing this


A1: Bench Variation
A2: Chins

B1: Dips
B2: Row Variation

C1: EZ-Bar Curl
C2: Tricep Extension


Lactate Inducing Circuit


A1: Squat
A2: Hack Squat?

B1: Sumo Deadlift/ DB SLDL?
B2: Lying Leg Curl

I didnt know whether you go quads/hams or quads/quads hams/hams

Thanks for any help

Just to clarify I’m just looking for help to set up the quads/hams day if anyones done it in the past. I’m also working out at home, so I don’t have access to any machines other other then a rack and a bench.

I’d probably mix it up. You’re only doing 1 lower body strength session a week. For the A2/B2 exercise, maybe consider doing an explosive exercise, or a single leg exercise, ie RDLs and DB Swings/SLDL, Squats and Jump Squats/Rev Lunges.