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Question for DC/MD Area Lifters

I’m going to be moving down to the Gaithersburg area and, based on the few people I’ve talked to, SSPT seems to be the gym of choice. I was curious if there any other gyms that compare favorably.

Also, the place I was looking at renting is (according to Google) ~25 minutes away from SSPT. Is this going to be a realistic drive with traffic or should I be looking for a place closer to Rockville?

That SSPT is a bit of a hike. If I recall correctly, there’s a Gold’s Gym that’s a bit farther north. The closer to rush hour you try to go to the gym, the more that will make a difference. The Rockville Pike is total hell.

If google is telling you its 25 minutes, double that and this is the time it will take you to get there on a good day if you are lucky…nobody in maryland can drive, so if its raining out, plan to triple that time…

But the trainers/owners at SSPT are top notch…so worth the drive…if you can afford Rockville, do it…otherwise, plan to fight traffic

Thanks guys! I had a feeling that I’d have to live in the Rockville area to make the commute reasonable.

Rockville is really packed. My parents moved out of Rockville 22 years ago…in 1989…because the traffic was bad then.

Not sure if you’re solo or with a family, but maybe hit Craigs List and look to rent out a small apartment in someone’s house in Rockville?

Also depending on how far away the gym is from the metro, that could be an option…G-Burg is at the end of the red line, so parking is kind of a pain in the early morning hours since everyone commutes in and takes it from there, but if you’re going later in the day you would probably be alright…