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Question for Dan John

How’s it going Dan?

  1. Do you recommend a mixed grip for deadlifts?

  2. I experimented w/the heels only technique on my power clean and my traps were more sore the next day than normal compared to when I was really jumping w/the weight. Will power cleaning w/heels only a. allow me to lift more weight in the long run b. still help w/vertical leap since I’m not “jumping?”

  3. I know one of the benefits of keeping your heels planted instead of jumping is to involve your hammies more but does it also involve your traps and upper body more too? I saw a guy who was power cleaning way more than me a few days ago but I thought he was using “incorrect” form because he wasn’t “jumping”.

I’m sorry to keep bring this up but I just want to make sure that I fully understand this. I did read your Get Up articles and the most important things I extracted from that was: stick your butt back more, stick chin out to the front and then explode chin up to the ceiling essentially shrugging the weight up explosively correct?

I know that you can use a variety of rep ranges but how would you set up something if I’m trying to increase my power clean/overhead press? 10 sets of 1-2 reps?