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Question For Cy Willson: Carbolin And T-2


I'm coming off a cycle of AAS and will be using Carbolin 19, and T-2 (for the last 4 weeks) in order to continue to shed fat. This is my first time using T-2. Do you see any potential problems in using Carbolin 19 and T-2 together?

Could the T-2 be too catabolic, given that I'll be coming off a cycle and endogenous T levels may not be fully recovered by the time I start the T-2? Would the Carbolin 19 (240 lbs., 1 cap, 3X/day) be sufficient to offset this possible catabolic effect of T-2?

The T-2 I can obtain is 100 mcg./cap. I was going to use 1 cap/day the first week, then 2 caps/day thereafter for a total of 4 weeks. Does this look OK? Any other insights or advice you could give to a first time user would be much appreciated.





It's been a while since I've had to look at T2. I honestly wouldn't suggest using Carbolin 19 and T2 concurrently. One reason has to do with a hypothetical side effect and the other with the fact that I don't think even 4 capsules per day is going to be enough to prevent a loss in LBM when using exogenous thyroid hormone, especially considering the fact that you just came off a steroid cycle.

I can't remember what the recommended dosage was for the original T2 product from Biotest, but if you can find it, I'd probably go with that. As a guess from memory, you current T2 cycle plan sounds about right, but I'd double check that if I were you.

I'd personally save it for a time when using exogenous androgens.

Hope this helps.


Cy, thanks very much for the reply. The reason I asked if the Carbolin would be enough to offset any possible catabolism from the T-2, is because in your "Thyroid Handbook" article you state that you believe if T-2 was catabolic it would be much less so than T-3.




Not a problem, Crowbar. Hmmm, I'm curious as to why I said that. It's hard, for me at least, to go back and think of what my reasoning was 3-4 years ago. I'm thinking I said that based upon anecdotal reports, and perhaps in addition to that, I was thinking that at the recommended dosage used, it was equipotent to a low dosage of T3 or perhaps I was assuming the length of use was much less than that one typically using T3 employs, although those are both stretching it. So, I'm thinking I was probably basing that upon anecdotal reports.

Well, maybe it would be enough after all. Although, because you're coming off of an androgen cycle, I'd still probably skip it this time around. Also, there's a potential side effect of using the two concurrently, so that's something to consider as well.

Hope this helps.