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Question For CW

I read in a recent thread that for strength purposes, Chad recommends SFM followed by TTT, SC, and TBT. I will be finished with SFM this week and then plan a week off before hitting another program.

I have some time off of everything coming up and have some MAG-10 that i was hoping to use at some point yet this winter.

I know CW suggests doing QD with MAG-10, but was wondering if I should continue with the strength plan or just jump into quattro dynamo and blast away with the MAG-10 and then get back to TTT

Anyone with ideas/thoughts

If you primary goal is hypertrophy, jump right into QD with MAG-10. Then, get back to the plan for further strength enhancement.

Let me know how it works for you.

Wow, I wasn’t expecting you to personally answer so quickly Chad. This is why T-Nation rules. I’ll jump into QD with the MAG-10 on board. Thanks

SFM is awesome!