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Question for CW

Hey Mr. Waterbury. I want to start your ABBH 1 program and follow it as closely as possible. The only problem I have is that I really enjoy doing Power Snatches, Power Cleans, Handstand Pushups and Clean and Presses. Is there any way I can include these either as warm-ups or supplementary work to the main exercises? I just don’t want to lose the technique of doing these. Even if it’s just the P. Snatches and Cleans and HSPUs without the Clean and Presses. Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



Unfortunately, I can’t recommend switching any of the ABBH exercises to the exercises you mentioned. Of course, you could do handstand push-ups in place of standing military presses on the vertical pressing day, but it would be tough to accurately increase the load by the recommended percentage.
If you don’t want to lose your OL form, perform the movements on your off days as an active recovery session with 40-45% of your 1RM.

Thanks a bunch Mr. Waterbury. Just wondering if I could do the OLs as some type of GPP on my off days? Once again thank you.


Yes, I didn’t clarify that point. You OL on off days will serve as your GPP. But the load will be light so you won’t overly tax your recovery system, but you’ll get the added benefit of being able to maintain your OL technique.
Good Luck!