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Question for CT


I have your Theory and Application book, and the knowledge you share has been very beneficial. I do have a couple questions for you. The volume you recommend during your block phases is more than most people I have come across can handle. It is basically recommending lifting six days a week straight working upper and lower body every day. I know you have had great success with this; otherwise it wouldn?t be in your book. This leads me to believe that the problem is in our interpretation and application of your work. How much volume do you recommend on the two maintenance days (Wed, Sat) and at what intensities. Also, when you recommend 5 sets of 10, for example, are those all with the same weight and are any of the sets taken to failure. Lastly, do you curtail this volume based on amount of running and general sport practice required for particular sports? Thank you for any guidance you can offer. Hopefully you will hold a seminar in America in the near future and I can ask you many of my questions in person. Thank you again.