Question for Coach Davis on Ketltlebell Training

Coach, I noticed that you recommend Kettlbells in training. I have been using a kB designed by Ironhorse and love it! What do you think of Pavel Tsatsouline’s KB program and where do you get your Kettlebells from? Thanks

Mike, Coach Davies highly praises the kettlebell’s that Pavel sells. He mentioned that they are better for grip and on the forearms than the ones by ironhorse. In fact, I just purchased the 16kg kettlebell for my training. Coach Davies said it would make a huge difference in my training!

I know you have posted about your training program in the past, and you used the kettlebells as well as other functional training. Well, I’ll be joining you in those kettlebell workouts soon! Should be fun! As for Pavel’s program, I am going to purchase his book on kettlebell training. It looks useful! Check it out!

Sounds good NAte, I would recommend that you order Pavel’s video before the book. You really need to see the KB exercises in action. I would order Pavel’s kettlbells. However, I am already too strong for the heaviest one and they are way too expensive.

I love k-bells, I had been using a set of old ones but jumped at the chance when dragondoor offered them. I use them as they are authentic in design. My program differs from Pavels only from a sport specific nature. If you asked him questions of a say a football players use, he might very likely make some additional sport specific maneuvers. This past weekend Pavel and I got to discuss combative work for my O-Lineman and sport specific trainging with k-bells. If you have specific questions. In faith, Coach Davies

Checkout the plate loaded k-bells @ Ironmind, kinda pricey, but if they are like anything else offered by the company they are rock solid and durable. However, I think I would prefer using the traditional cast ones as any plate movement could be distracting.

DaveF, I have the Ironmind K-Bells, and you can easily tighten down the clamps so that the weights don’t move around at all, however, the weight is concentrated much further from your hand than a traditional one would be, which makes them a bit awkward, plus you end up with a length of bar protruding from the end which is also a bit distracting, and often limits the movements you can perform.

I have both k-bells and while I think Ironmind has great products, I recommend Pavel’s. With the Ironmind K-bells, it is difficult to perform the many of the exercises properly. The stem is too long and you bang the hell out of your forearms and you can’t squat as far down for your pull.I love the width of the handle on Pavel’s. It really pumps your arms.

Coach Davis, what KB exercises do you recommend for combat athletes. What rep ranges? Thanks

Mike-I could suggest a number of things but I really think you need to take a look at Pavel’s approach to combat work first. I think he has a elite level as well. Take a look and then lets review. - In faith, Coach Davies

Thanks Coach, I am very familiar with Pavel’s techniques as I have his KB video and PTP book. Great stuff! I know that Pavel recommends high rep snatches and cleans for combat athletes. WHich I have been doing for a few weeks now. What do you think of Matt Furey and his combat conditioning exercises? See my article in the past issues of t-mag if you are not familiar.

Mike-I will definately look up your articles and please email personally when you have the chance. I have never met Matt Furey but I must say I find his books excellent. Writing on functional movements can often be very difficult but I think his work teaches the movements and the mentality. That is one element I wish more coaches who express to athletes. It is interesting that more coaches talk of overtraining than not working hard enough. - You won’t believe how many vieled comments I will receive from coaches about that. - In faith, Coach Davies

Coach, how come so many people say that bodyweight exercises are useless for building strength or a better body? I know Pavel isn’t a big fan of the pushup, but he does endorse one-legged squats and chins/pull-ups. I have Matt Furrey’s book on Combat Conditioning. It has some pretty cool stuff. And I know that you and Charlie Francis also recommend bodyweight exercises in your routines, but why are so many others against it?

At times, this has caused me to write bodyweight exercises off, but I end up going back to them quite often. I would think that they are a great way to condition the body and to help you handle your bodyweight in real-life situations. But there are those critics. I've enjoyed your workouts so far, and they have incorporated many bodyweight exercises. What is your take on the criticism?

Nate Dogg-go with your instinct. Criticism-I try to be humble and help but all our welcome to find another coach, who has stood on the sidelines of NCAA programs, Super Bowl champions and worked with as many Pro-Bowlers & MVP as myself. As well, can you think of anything more complimentary when a seasoned coach, hires me to write his entire program for him to follow. Criticism - I don’t feel a thing. Now, with regards to your training, every thing has a season, this “season” of bodyweight work will eventually turn to a different mode. - talk with you soon, In faith, Coach Davies

Nobody makes any money off bodyweight exercises. You don’t have to join a gym or buy equipment, but they work.