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Question for Coach Davies

I went to your website and was thinking about ordering the boxing program. I was wondering if you could sort of give me an outline of what it covers? For instance, is it supposed to be used in the 8 weeks before a fight or just anytime? Also, does include heavy bag workouts or is it just weights and running? I guess i really just want to know the logistics of the program. Thanks.

There are no specific bag work within it because it is to be co-ordinated with your boxing coach. The program works through agility (foot and hand speed), fitness and strength training (kbells, med ball, body-weight exercises, weights and non-conforming objects). I hope that helps. In faith, Coach Davies

thanks for the quick response. I want to give you my rountine that I’m using now in my off season so you can critique it. Currently, I do renegade rope training, followed by 3-6 rounds of heavy bag work (depending on how I feel), then i work the speed bag for 3-4 rounds and finally i finish with some interval training. For my weight training I’m using a westide rountine right now and added some exercises like db power clean and press, db snatch, and overhead squat. Ok, back to my original question about the boxing program. You said that there is some kettlebell work in the routine. I’m sort of on a restricted budget and really can’t afford a kettlebell right now. How important is it that I use kettlebells? Thanks again.

i find kettlebell training for boxers tremendous. Naturally there are options that can be utilized. Within your program I would also suggest plyo’s and med ball work. In faith, Coach Davies


Do you know any websites or books where i can find good plyometric exercises? Thanks.

Just go to amazon and do a search, even a reputable search engine starting with a G then OO then GLE and you will find tons of info on it all you need is to do that and you will find what you are looking for

FFB is right, you can find a lot through those search engines and you might even save yourself some money. I should have a bunch of photos around to so you can always email me - maybe they might help. In faith, Coach Davies