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Question for Coach Davies

Coach i know your methods are very tough and im sure from time to time injuries occur during training. I subluxated my extensor carpi ulnaris two weeks ago and now have terrible tendinitis. I was given a shot of cortisone yesterday. Im am going to start taking bottles of fish oil per day as Cy told suggested. I was wondering if you knew of anything else i could do to get back quicker as this is totally debilitating. And great job with Clemson. I was at the GT game on saturday and they looked great. Definitely some relentless sons of bitches.

I think we need to get a quality therapist on-board to answer that question for your long-term rehab. Hopefully there is someone from the Atlanta area - assuming you are relatively close to there. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut for time. I will be pleased to help in your rehab once you have the medical “go-ahead”. Glad you saw the game - amazing piece of work and it is an honor to work with the Tigers. I hope to hear from you. In faith, Coach Davies

I have access to Hughston Sports Medical Center which has worked with some big names and is fairly well known. I was looking more along the lines of nutritional means to decrease my recovery time. Thanks for any help you may be able to give.