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Question For Coach Davies

Coach- I was wondering what the best exercises are for improving throwing ability. (Softball,Football etc.). I play softball, but I’ve never had a very good arm. Thanks.

i agree help is needed in this department, i play softball too and have a semi strong arm, but if i throw too many times in one game my arm is pretty much shot for the next week or so…

One of the keys to throwing (an internal rotation movement) is to having a very strong set of external rotators. The external rotators are what helps decelerate the arm and thus a lot of focus on improving external rotation strength is needed. That is primarily for injury prevention.

Strengthening your rotators will, as Jason said, go a long way towards injury prevention, but in my experience as a baseball player, the best way to improve your throwing ability is to throw. Long tossing a few days each week (not to the point where your arm is hanging), has always helped me. Try and up the distance a bit each session.