question for coach davies

i’m interested in doing a modified version of fat to fire. i work out at home doing nothing but bodyweight exercises. the only equipment i have is a swiss ball and skipping rope (i currently do chins at a park down the road on my way to work). can you give me any suggestions on how i can adapt fat to fire to my situation? should i have a gpp day if i’m doing bodyweight movements like pistols and one-arm pushups, or just do variations on these exercises everyday (i can only workout sunday to wednesday)?

Scott - we could easily adapt it to reflect bodyweight exercises. It would also allow us to use the rope a little more as well! Do you have any weighted objects or anything else that we may want to use for resistance. I look forward hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach Davies…at the moment i don’t have anything for resistance, thought i’m hoping to get a medicine ball and a couple of rubber bands eventually. right now i do one-arm pushups, pistols, bridges, and variations thereof. i’ve just made the switch to this kind of workout, and was previously working out very much like a powerlifter for years. i’m not interested in being big or incredibly strong anymore, just physically fit and a little leaner.