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question for Coach Davies

I did address this question for Coach Davies because I felt he could give the best answer but anyone who wants to respond please feel free. With the summer coming up I would like to start cutting up. So I thought about trying the Meltdown training with the T-Dawg diet. But during the spring their are many intramurals sports that I like to play(flag football-basketball-etc.) Also during the summer I like to play in some basketball leagues. So I would kind of like to start a program that could help my athletic performance. Such as my vertical jump-speed and quickness. I remember you saying most of your athletes are pretty lean because of the amount of volume they do. I was wondering if the two(fat loss-performance) can be done at the same time or if I should cycle the two somehow. I would appreciate as much advise as your are willing to share. Thanks.

have you check out “fat to fire” from 3 issues ago?

Interesting question because my approach would be to train for your athletic needs (power,speed and agility) and fuel yourself properly with a solid diet and good supplement protocols. I look forward to being of service. In faith, Coach Davies

Cory something I picked up along the way from Poliquin is that Tri-sets of 4-6 reps with relatively short rest periods is a great melt down type routine-but also introduces anaerobic training that is sport specific for short-burst athletics if you use usefull exerscices. Example- Tri set 1- incline barbell press (close grip to the kneck) 4-6 reps- e-zbar barbell row 4-6 reps, dumbell swings 4-6 reps, Complete 5 sets
Tri set 2 - Semi-Sup chins 4-6 reps, seated row 4-6 reps, dips 4-6 reps, 5 sets

Lower Body- tri-set 1- Squats- 4-6 reps, Split squat 4-6 reps, Laying leg curl 4 reps,

Tri set 2 - Bent knee Deadlift 4-6 reps, good morning’s 4-6 reps, step ups 4-6 reps,

give it a try

Dcuss thanks for the advice. But coach what you kind of program would you put me on. From what you are saying the fat loss would just be a side affect of the athletic training. Would you recommend the renegade training or your fat to fire training. Once again thanks.