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Question for Coach Davies

Coach, I read in a previous thread that you have many of your athletes follow a diet similar to that of a paleo diet, and that you have them consume a lot of bison meat, ostrich, etc… I was wondering how closely you had them follow a paleo diet, and roughly what macros (I’m sure it varies from athlete to athlete) you have them use. Do you alter these macros in season? I have been following a paleo diet (except for post-workout) now for a few weeks, and am wondering how I should alter it, or if I should even stay with it, once my college baseball season starts. Thanks for any advice.


SBET,there is no reason to drop a healthy paleo diet when your season commences.I would recommend you take measures to ensure you keep your muscle glycogen levels topped up-you can do this by carb cycling if you are on a low carb version of paleo eating, or simply following a 30/30/40 type ratio.You will need to experiment to find the best ratios for your body.Be sure to take appropriate post workout nutrition and you will be fine.Goodluck

Personally I hate to give a term such as “paleo” to a eating type. However if this diet works for you personally, I would not change during the season. But naturally pay careful attention. Good luck in your season. In faith, Coach Davies