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Question for Coach Davies

I was in week 2 of Ian King’s 12 weeks to Super Strength and Limping Series when I injured my Rotator Cuff at work. My Question is what should I be doing to rehab it? I’ve been doing some static stretching and was thinking of doing some Cuban Presses. I know this question is directed at Coach D but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help-Chris.T

First and foremost, I would assume that the shoulder is at point where you can some rehab work. If you can describe the injury in greater detail it would assist. Cuban Press, Int/Ext Rotation’s, Rope Pulls are all great exercises to help rehab the area. I prefer using bands with higher reps counts to start off. However, I would suggest you proceed with caution and make sure you have medical clearance first. I will be pleased to discuss. In faith, Coach Davies

Chris, Are you sure it is your rotator cuff? Have you been to a doctor? MRI? What is your age? What is your occupation? Past injuries to that shoulder? Dominant or non-dominant arm? When did the injury occur? Sports involved in? What type of stretching are you doing? Get back to me.

Thanks for responding to my message. I am 19 years old and I work in construction. My Chiropractor said it is my rotator cuff, so I will trust him. He just told me to rehab it with the rotations Coach D prescribed. Is this enough info?

Chris, I need more information in order to help through cyberspace. Read the previous post and answer as much as you can. What tests did your chiropractor perform to determine it was your rotator cuff? What is your pain level at? Are you weight training again? Do you feel comfortable, have trust in the shoulder? Get back to me.