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Question for Christian

In light of your recent hamstring article, I’d like to ask your advice. My lower back’s been hurting for the last week and I think my normal stiff legs (as well as any sort of good morning) will be out of the question on ham day until it subsides. Which of the exercises would you recommend to concentrate on the hip extension of the hams while minimizing the involvement of the lower back?
Of course, anyone else is welcome to chime in on this too…

I am sure you have already done this, but if not it is important that you decide if your lower back is injured or just hurt. If it is just hurt, then I would not stop doing good mornings. I would just do a very light weight for reps of 10-20. If its injured, a good exercise for the hips, hams and trunk is Zurcher Squats.

Damn bro… that was one hard to find exercise (no mention of it on T-mag), but I think I’ve got it now. Basically you’re squatting with the bar cradled in front of you with bent arms. No, I haven’t found out whether it’s really injured yet (it’s only been a week) and although my health coverage is good, it still isn’t free. I think I will try some lighter weight GM’s on Friday and see how it treats me. If it’s just a muscle strain I know it’s better to give it some light work than to lay off it completely.