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Question for Chris Shugart

Chris- I know you’ve been kind of a diet test runner in the past(Anabolic,T-Dawg,Massive Eating). I was just wondering what diet you are currently using after trying most of them. Thanks

My normal diet is a combination of several plans. I keep the carbs under control, but I don’t go keto, the protein stays high, and fat is moderate with most of it coming from good sources (plus a couple of eggs and some red meat). I increase or decrease calories based on my goals at the time and I use the food combining ideas from Berardi’s Massive Eating for most meals.

I’ve been experimenting with a lot of new things off and on the past few months. Some may work out and turn into articles, some may not. I am a lab wabbit. Or maybe a kitchen wabbit is more accurate.

I’ve been thinking of updating the T-Dawg Diet. The diet is almost two years old and I’ve learned a lot since then. Plus with all the reader feedback, I think we can make it even better. That’s a possibility, as is a new MRP Diet.

Brock is working on a Fat Fast 2001, too, by the way, and Jeff McCarrell is putting together a diet geared towards competitive bodybuilders for us (although the regular guy can use it too.) The “Diet Manifesto” article has already been updated and you’ll see that in the new paper issue of T-mag.

I’ve also been experimenting with a “two week size surge” type of plan that outlines a special diet and training schedule. The details are top secret for now, however. John Berardi and I may co-write that one.

Lots of cool possibilities for future diet articles, but I won’t write an article on something unless I’ve lived it for a few weeks or months, so it might be a while before these ideas pan out.

Chris, when you come off your normal diet plan (low carb, but not keto) do you just come right off or gradually reintroduce carbs,etc? What do you do? Thanks.