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Since a faily large contingency of people here are FFB’s , and I myself am on the road to becoming one, do you think an article or two might be in order of tips for FFBs? In terms of how to deal with post dieting maintenance, and stragetgies for nutrition and workouts that may vary from those who aren’t as prone to fat gain. I know for one that I’m interested. Let me know what you think. Thanks Chris.

You’re absolutely right! Former Fat Boys (FFBs) have a different set of rules when it comes to nutrition and training. Or at least a modified set of rules.

Many of the accepted strategies (even those coming from some very smart people) just don’t apply to former fatties. Although we lose the fat and may look great, we’re still running under a different set of rules.

I have piles of notes on this, but I haven’t gotten around to turning them into an article yet. I think there’s a big audience for this, but I’m not sure. Maybe feedback on this thread will help me decide if this is worth an article.

That would be a kick-ass article. It always seems to catch up if you don’t watch out.

I, too, once referred to Mr. Shugart as ‘Christ’ in a post.

Welcome to the club.

An article(s) targeting FFBs interests me greatly. We definitely need to follow different rules than the more naturally lean crowd(see Dr. JB), especially during mass-gain phases. Definitely a topic worthy of some articles.

I’ll bump for this. Honestly, it’d be awesome to see a series of stuff on this from you Chris, and other T-Mag contributors. I don’t want to be dieting for 12 months a year, that’s for damn sure.

I’ll too be interested in this article.

[quote]nephorm wrote:
I, too, once referred to Mr. Shugart as ‘Christ’ in a post.

Welcome to the club.[/quote]

Oh man, I didn’t even realize I did that.

FFB? Heck I not totally out of the woods here. Though I’m making strides. A good article (or series) would be helpful.

Sounds like a much needed article Chris. Now that I’m over thirty my discipline has improved but a few slips here and there and I’m buried. It takes me a few months to look good, but only a week to look like crap. Stupid holidays.

I would also be interested in this article… i think it would help many people on our quest to become FFB’s

Mark me down too…I’m all for this one! In fact, I was just thinking about this yesterday…will someone at Biotest ever run something exclusively dealing with FFB’s.

In fact, I could really make use of this since I am actually a member of the FRFFB club (Former Really ****ing Fat Boy) club and I am in the same boat as others when it comes to slip ups, etc.

Eagerly awaiting your consideration, (X-mas is coming soon)!!!



I MOS DEF would be all over the FFB/FFG articles like stink on sh*t! I have successfully lost 1/3 of my body weight (310-210), put on a good 50 pounds of LBM, but still get chubby by just thinking about whole grain carbs! I’m also semi-hypoglycemic, so a ketogenic diet makes me feel like I’m on my death bed. Not to mention, 25-30% of my clients are fat and will soon be FFB’s and could use some maintenance tips. Maintenance is the key word as most of us have the motivation to lose the weight, but its mentally and physically draining to have to be in “oh crap, I can’t eat that” mode all year. Then again, you cannot re-program our DNA, so we are what we are to some extent.


I would really like to see an article on this. I kow I have problems trying to keep my bodyfat low and can ‘baloon’ up if I’m not careful.

Thanks. I’ll put this on my “to do” list.

If anyone wants to share the modifications they’ve had to make as a former fattie (diet, training, supps, etc.) then feel free to add them to this thread or PM me.

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
Thanks. I’ll put this on my “to do” list.

Awesome news Chris. Think this will be ready to roll by April or so, when all us fat boys have achieved FFB status? I’m 6’1, 255, 23% bodyfat right now, and I’m planning on cutting from now until the end of April/start of May to get to 10-12%. Those pointers could sure come in handy. Thanks alot.

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
Thanks. I’ll put this on my “to do” list.

If anyone wants to share the modifications they’ve had to make as a former fattie (diet, training, supps, etc.) then feel free to add them to this thread or PM me.


Personally, I’ve found Glucorell’s RLA with Biotin to be a great supplement that aids the body in properly dealing with carbs. Being a “reactive hypoglycemic” (according to my physician), I don’t feel knocked on my ass after a heavy P+C or PWO meal when I am using RLA.

In addition, I’ve found Biotest’s HOT-ROX to be a big help when cutting. I get less carb cravings and I feel I am able to cut calories without much loss of muscle mass.

Personally, I don’t handle much over 150-175 grams carbs/day very well. I just get bloated and tend to see fat coming back, especially in the mid-section, when I’m over that amount on a regular basis, like say several weeks. Thus, I wasn’t pleased with the effects of massive eating when I did give it a try, since I don’t feel my body responded well to the high carb intake, even with fat intake being kept minimal (less than 75-80g/day).

I have a P+C meal first thing in the AM, then a P+F meal several hours later. Lunch is usually P+C, as is my pre-workout snack at 2 PM and PWO shake at 5 PM. Dinner is P+F and my last snack before bedtime (P+F) is generally 2 scoops Low-Carb Grow!, 5 OZ Hood Carb Countdown Fat Free Milk, with 1 TBSP natural PB and 1 TBSP Udo’s choice organic oil. On off days, its P+C first three meals and then P+F last three meals, with carb intake rarely exceeding 100g/day.

As for training, I just got real serious about the training aspect this summer, and thus accordingly have not been a T-mag reader long enough to sort through all of the programs. I’m currently on a four day/week body split workout, and we’ll see how that ends up in a few months.

That would be great article. Hope to see it soon.

Can’t wait!

Let’s see - I’ve been trying to hit 210 for three years now, but have been bouncing between 225-245 instead. Hopefully I’m on my way back down, and have put on about 10 lbs of muscle in these three years. Slow for me, but Chris knows I have some physical issues that slow me down but WILL NOT stop me.

Saw my doc yesterday who did a BF analysis at 24%, and told me that was perfect and I should stay right where I am. I’m so very healthy and I “don’t look 230” and etc. :rolls eyes:

Told him that it was unfair to compare me with al the fukkin slobs he sees every day :). He ended up seeing my point of view.

So I’m all kids of jazzed for some FFB action. I need it - the conventional has not been working very much, in spite of how much progress others on here seem to make. I have to have massive caloric drains like 30 mile bike rides to see fat loss, and can always use more perspectives and advice from people who have been/are where I am now.

Thanks as always, CS.