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Question for chris shugart

Chris, just read some interesting stuff about ghb/sodium oxybate, seems orphan medical inc., may very well be releasing it in the near future. the pharmaceutical industry selling a “dangerous date-rape” drug. I guess money talks…anything you can tell me about this…does brock know anything? he works for the pharmaceutical industry right? thanks…chuck

Not that familiar with the stuff. Sorry. Maybe Bill Roberts will chime in.

I had heard the product you mentioned was to be called
xyrem—sp, or something very similar to that.
It would be marketed to the narcoleptic crowd. NOt only do these individuals get good sleep, but they also benefit from the dopamine rebound effects the following morning. In fact, while using this aid, at least one study has shown that many narcoleptic patients can effectively reduce there normal stimulant meds (methylphenidate, amphetamine , methamp). This makes some sense because the last I had read the drug acts as a presynaptic D2 receptor antagonist. This allows the build up of dopamine by inhibiting its release. ONce the sedation disappears the dam breaks and the synapse is flooded. Many refer to this as the so called “dawn effect.”
This of course is just one of many effects and is therefore a gross oversimplification. It should be noted that Ghb also is believed to act on its own receptor, and some believe it has an effect on GABA B.
I suppose some of our more daring individuals could load up on dopamine precursors while under the Ghb effect and then
blast a dopamine agonist a bit later-----that might be interesting if
you like that sort of thing.
I’m pretty sure they have pulled that little
trick on rats. I may give that a try. I do like that sort of thing :),

Bill Roberts any comments on this?

Speaking of date rape drug…did any of you see Dateline last night. They did yet another show on “raves and daterape drugs”. Only this time, to their great suprise, girls were actually taking ghb, rohypnol, and ketamine by choice to get high. They said this was a BRAND NEW thing. Are they that fuckin stupid. I was introduced years ago to all three of those drugs by girls. I hate the ignorance of the media, especially Dateline. They are much to blame with the daily ignorance that we all face everyday from everybody who doesn’t know better. I am sure they also have their part in the Feds deciding for us what we can and cannot put into our bodies.

i couldn’t agree more ryan, makes you wonder if there is a tie in between media and government, and maybe all of those wacky conspiracy theories, aren’t so wacky, i also heard norephedrine, which is going to be banned is going to be sold as a prescription drug…and mark my words xyrem will end up being used for much more than narcolepsy, because the earning potential for this “drug” is phenomenol…