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Question for Chris Shugart

Is there any chance of you guys getting Mike Menztzer to do an article for T-mag?

And if not Mentzer himself, then an HIT article of some sort would be appreciated. Since it’s a major school of training, it would seem to be within T-mag’s purview.

Please God no!

I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. I was doing some telephone consultations with Metzer and he asked me if I’d ever heard of Testosterone.com. I hadn’t at the time, but he seemed pretty upset with something about the organization. I didn’t ask why. It would be nice to see some H.I.T. articles, as it’s quite an effective style of working out, despite the negative reviews it gets from the rest of the fitness world.

We did interview him back in issue #1. You must have missed it.

I’d certainly appreciate any HIT material. I’ve started on a HIT routine myself and I’m pleased with the results. Although I don’t read much by Mentzer… I read a lot of Arthur Jones’ old articles (good stuff!). Any how, that’s my opinion.

Aaaaaaaaargh! Please! NO!

Come on! Why not? Mike is a very interresting man, very knowledgeable. I stopped working out like a dick after reading his book and articles. I follow more Ian King today but I keep some of Mike’s concepts in my mind.

While mentzer may be an extremeist, I don’t think he’s completely wacko. 20 years ago everyone KNEW high carb low fat diets were the way to go, and right now, everyone KNOWS mentzer is completely off base. I guess only time will tell. I think a lot of readers would like to try a slightly abbreviated approach, and those who don’t can write helpful witty sayings like “NOOOOOOOO”, or “PLease God Noooo”.

Is there any chance Richard Simmons could do one too?

How fat is Mentzer these days? I hear he’s in terrible shape.

There are too many replies to this post…it’s leading to gross mental overtraining!!!

I don’t think most people disagree that mentzers(arthur jones) stuff is bad if used for short periods of time. The problem is how much ego mentzer has. it pours out of every article how his way of the is the only true way.

mentzer just had back surgery to remove bone spurs from his lower back.i heard that ironman photographer was preparing a photo shoot with him recently, i don’t know what happened with that ; but i do know mentzer will have an article in the new musclemag.

Marshalaw, whilst I accept your comment that those of us who just said NO aren’t giving any reasons, here is mine. I used to read Muscular Development at one time (that was a mistake, but that’s how we learn). Month after month Mentzer used to write some dreary tosh, banging on about Ayn Rand. OK, he had something to say. Once. But he kept repeating it. And he seems to think that HIT is the ONLY way to train and that everyone who disagrees is mentally retarded.

I’m sorry, but I for one have had enough of his stuff to last me two lifetimes. Hence my blunt response.

Maybe T-mag could hook up an interview with Denise Austin or Suzanne Summers, that would be sweet…I still can’t figure out how to trim my waist line and spot reduce my thighs…Mentzer sucks!