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Question for Charles Staley


How's it going Charles?

  1. What's the most you've ever deadlifted? Overhead pressed not push pressed but military press?

  2. Do you think just practicing the deadlift more frequently (varying the loads/volume, etc obviously) is the best way to strengthen ones grip for deadlifting or should I do heavy holds for time?

  3. What's the highest number of pullups you've ever done?

  4. What's your opinion on doing one armed pullups?

  5. Car pushing-do you kind of run when you do it or attempt to run? I tried it the other day while I steered w/my right hand and pushed w/my left hand on the car. It was kind of hard to do solo. suggestions?


OK look, asking a coach what he can lift is immaterial in my view. I know some great lifters who are terrible coaches, some terrible lifters who are great coaches, and everything in-between. For the record I'm not particularly strong. I can pull about 2x bodyweight, but that's nothing to write home about either

I'd also look at things like farmer's walks. I wouldn't pull more than twice in a 7 day cycle

I've never tested myself, I'm not interested in endurance. Also, it's immaterial as I commented on earlier. But to satisfy your curiosity, I can probably do one set of 15 or so at the moment.

It takes a lot of strength, and some technique to boot. I can't do one.

Get someone to steer, my friend! What you're doing isn't particularly safe or effective.


Hello Mr. Staley,
Surprised to see that someone said to push cars for training. When I was in the military we would push HMMWV's aroud during our physical training. Man what a great workout!


Apologies for the mini Hijack that follows, but I didn't see a specific thread for Charles, and he is on line:

Charles, where do you stand on warm ups:

at one end of the scale:
Pavel says none
I think Chad W recommends only 1 set of a few reps with about a 75% load
Then you have people like Ian King that have very particular and structured warm ups.


hijack over...


hi coach,i have a client who wants to be able to do pullups,he is sitting at about 23%bf but is otherwise healthy,apart from improving his body comp would really appreciate any advice that i could use to help him acheive his goal[1 for a start!!]


Yes they are!

I'm in the military as well.



Very good points.

Thanks very much!


This past march I was in a strongman comp on a local USMC camps, and one of the events was a hummer pull...up hill. Fun stuff.


This is got to be one of the dumbest posts(question) I have ever seen on this board. Obviously, you need to look up the meaning of coach. How much a coach can lift or how much of whatever they can do is irrelevant. They have studied and perfected systems that are meant to help people like YOU, acheive higher standards.What they can "do" is highly irrelevant. Go back to your history books (assuming you can find them) and look how many touchdowns Vince Lombardi made (hint: the Super Bowl trophy is named after him). Coaches are there to develop people, not to set records. Maybe if you think about a coach's ability to train people and not what they can do personally, then maybe one day you can do something you will be proud of and stop being a jerk-off and asking "hey coach, what can you do"?


If you have to ask this question, don't you think the best advice you could give your client would be to find a new coach?


Hey check this out "Road Warrior."

First of all, slow your roll and don't charge me like this!!!!!!!!!!!!

I already know all of that, but have you ever heard of asking certain questions just for the sake of being curious? Obviously you have not.

I mean Dan John posts his PR's on his site for pete's sake.

Chill man. They were just questions.