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Question for Charles Staley

Coach Staley,
I remember an audio interview you did years ago where you discussed a neat way to determine if one should train for hypertrophy or strength. I think it had something to do with testing the difference between your eccentric and concentric strength. Could you please expound on this a little more, any help information would be much appreciated. Thank you


Additional questions for Coach Staley:

  1. What is a SHELC exercise that is mentioned in your “EDT Fat Loss Solution” article?

  2. Are prone ball rolls the same as ab wheel rolls using a swiss ball instead of an ab wheel? Prone ball rolls are listed as an exercise in your “EDT: Lose The Fat, Keep The Strength” article found at:


  1. If I’m incapable of performing cleans due to wrist & shoulder inflexibility, what would be a good replacement exercise? This is again in reference to the “EDT” Lose The Fat, Keep The Strength" program.

Thank you for your time!