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Question for Chad Waterbury

Sorry for posting my question in a seperate thread but i wasnt sure if i would be around tonight for Prime Time. i as hoping for your critque on a routine i have put together using some of your methods.

this routine would be part of an accumulation block, focusing on hypertrophy.

week one high volume
day 1 6x3 6rm strength day
front squat
dips/decline close grip
seated row

day 3 4x6 functional hypertrophy
back extension
chin up
overhead db press

day 5 3x12 tital hypetrophy
pull throughs
chest supported db rows
low incline db press

i would then include some biceps/triceps, abs/abs, and rear delt/rotator cuff supersets using 3x8 parameters on each on the days. i would choice one of those supersets and perform it on each of the days.

week two would decrease one set from each exercise

then week three day one would be 6 sets of 4, day three would be 5 sets of 6, and day 5 4 sets of 12.

finally week three would be an uload week where volume would be about half of the highest volume week, week 3

i tried to take some things from Eric Cressey, fluctuating volume and emphasis on lower body hip and upper body horizontal pulling, fron thibudeau, training zones(functional hypertrophy, total hypertrophy etc.) and from yourself, total body routine, multiple parameters in one training week. my calories for the above cycle would be mainteance or maybe about 10% lower and i would be using a carb rotation diet much like what Christian has suggested, so that i can shed some weight while maybe maintaining or gaining some muscle.

do you think my plan looks adequate. my recovery ablilites i would consider to be average and i have been using an upper/lower split for a while working both groups twice in a week including your abbh.

after the four weeks i am going to focus more on strength and power, so i thought about maybe doing your sfm or maybe nb3 since in am still looking to shed pounds. thanks again for your time and advice.

one last thing is there any word on when your book would be complete. i cant wait to order a copy.