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Question for Chad Waterbury

If Chad isn’t around, anyone can feel free to chime in. How long should the Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy program be followed? What changes should be made if I am doing a Mag-10 cycle?

The recommended duration is already set up in the progression (23 days). No adjustments need to be made whatsoever while on Mag-10. Be sure to eat plenty and get ready to grow! Good Luck!

I would add to Chad’s comments that you simply may be able to train more frequently; if you feel motivated, I would go ahead and perform the next workout even if the given “off” days have not past. Also, you may want to throw in some direct arm work while on an androgen; I normally leave it out, but while “on” I find that I get significantly better results in the short time frame by incorporating it.


Chad, Why is there no delt or trap work in your program ?

Bane, if you notice, Chad was reluctant to even add direct arm work to the program. This program, and Chad’s training theories en masse are heavily dependent on compound movements.

That being said, the traps are worked heavily in the deadlift, upright row, etc. Delts are worked in nearly every pressing or pulling movement. No need for direct work.

Hope this helps.

You will get plenty of delt and trap work on the Anti-BB program. Mainly, for all the reasons that John Roman stated. Give it a try, you’ll see.