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Question for Chad Waterbury

When doing decline situps on the 3 10 rep sets days, would you reccomend using added weight, or maybe very slow reps, since the reps are so low? Also, I was curious about your general views on diet. Low carb, moderate carb? Protein, fat intake, calories? Thanks.

On the 10 sets of 3 reps day, hold a weight at your chest - don’t slow the movement down, use a 301 or 201 tempo. My views on diet depend on the person’s: goals, previous eating habits, metabolism, location of fat storage, etc. Therefore, I can not give a general answer. But you can’t go wrong with t-dawg or Berardi’s recommendations.

VCreed…You might also want to really concentrate on activating the transveralis abdominis during your crunches. You can really get a great abdominal training session by really focusing on that.

Chad…You mentioned reference to location of fat storage when prescribing a nutritional regimen. This interests me. Could you please expand, in general. This would be greatly appreciated.

Instead of me writing a 1500 word response to all the details involved with regional fat-storage, check out Don Alessi’s Iron Dog this week since he covers the issue very well.