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Question for Chad Waterbury

Chad, I’m a big fan of your programs, and I noticed you said one of your most successful ways for clients to add mass is for them to do 10 sets of three to five reps. I was wondering if you could post a hypothetical program using this protocol? I’m on a cutting program, and I was wondering if this could be something I could use on a three day lifting week (m-w-f). Thanks for your help.

Since it is a good mass program, I recommend you perform it when you are on a hypercaloric eating plan. It might be a little too demanding for someone on a cutting phase. Either way, if you try the program then follow these guidelines:
Use approximately 70% of 1RM
Rest 60-90s between sets
Basically, choose one exercise per body part and perform 10 sets before moving onto another body part. Don’t perform the 10X5 method for more than 2 body parts in any session. Add 4-5 sets of a supplemental exercise at the end if you desire and if recovery permits. Here is an example workout:
Barbell Bench Press 10 X 5,
Seated Cable Rows 10 X 5,
DB Side Raises 4-5 X 5.
That’s it! Nice and simple. Give it a try, it really works well.