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Question for C.Shugert

Hey Chris there has been some question on the forum about the “Mess O’ Greens” that you prescribe as part of the T-Dawg diet. Will this possibly be stored as fat after the post workout carb up… and do you still feel it is necessary. also any new modifactions to the diet…Thanks Chris

Not sure what you mean by “stored as fat after a carb up”. That’s more of a matter of “calories in, calories out” than anything else. As long as the salad fits into your required caloric intake, then no. The GI is very low as well; you could have the salad any time during the day really. Is the salad necessary? No. Remember the goal of the T-Dawg was to make a healthier version of the popular low carb, higher fat diets. Also, we wanted to gear the diet towards bodybuilders, not the general public, hence the inclusion of post-workout nutrition, something most low carb programs leave out. So, the salad adds a healthy element to the diet, but it’s not absolutely necessary. To tell you the truth, I hated salad until I started experimenting with low carb diets. Then my body began craving rabbit food!

As for modifications, I was thinking about modifying the calories a little, but this is such an individual thing. I mean, some people tell me the cals are too high, others say too low. In the end, it all comes down to personal experimentation anyway. You might up the protein a little as well. I usually do.

As long as you stick to the basic premise of the diet (low to moderate carbs, more carbs on training days, higher fats, controlled calories, 1 free day) then the rest falls into the “tweak-ability” category. In other words, play with it and see what works best for you. Feedback has been very good on this diet (one guy has lost over 70 pounds on it) but almost everyone has tweaked it as needed to fit their personal needs and differences.

There are also some people that just can’t oxidize fats and no low carb/high fat approach will work, even a “gentle” one like the T-Dawg.