Question for Bushidobadboy Etc

A week or so ago I asked a question about using Test E and Eq for a cutting cycle to drop some fat (and a weight class or two). You mentioned this would work well given my diet was in check. Like I said in my last post I will be hypocaloric so the chance of adding mass will be unlikely.

Here’s what I have come up with, please critique. My dose are somewhat low because I just want this to be a boost to speed along my already slow weightloss.

Week 1 900mg TE & 400mg EQ
Week 2-11 300mg TE & 200mg EQ
Week 12 300mg TE & 500mcg Hcg EOD
Week 13 500mcg Hcg EOD
Week 14 300 mg Clomid & 60mg Nolva
Week 15 200 mg Clomid & 40mg Nolva
Week 16 100 mg Clomid & 20mg Nolva

I will have an AI on hand in case of gyno, but I dont think it will be a problem at these doses.

What do you guys think?

BBB gave you some good advice.

I would raise the dose of test too to at least 400mg/wk.

He’s right you need to wait 3 weeks after your last shot before you start PCT, if the ester hasn’t dropped to a low enough level when you start PCT your body won’t start up it’s own production.

You don’t need both Nolva and Clomid for PCT, pick one and stick with it it’ll save you money. Personally I prefer Nolva because it’s good for PCT and gyno (if that’s a concern) and it’s cheaper. . .


Thanks guys, will do.