question for brock

Mr. Strasser,

I was just reading about your fat fast diet, and being over weight am
interested in trying it. I just wanted to be clear before starting it
however, about your caloric intake.

From what I understood, the only things you took in were:

flaxseed oil
MD 6
Protein shake(carb content/g of protein/etc unknown)

Is this all???

I am interested in making a good change, I am currently 230 at about 27%

Thank you

Brock said he had a little cheese and an occasional boiled egg too “as a treat”. That always struck me funny. It’s a tough diet, but it works quickly. Just be careful coming off. The Diet Manifesto article will give you some other choices. I think it was Chris Shugart who said that he’d use the Fat Fast for a week or two max then go to another more moderate diet like the T-Dawg diet. The FF just gives you a jump start. There have been alot of Fat Fast Support Group threads here at the forum. A subject search should bring them up.