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Question for Brock Strasser

I started the fast fat diet a few days ago. I’m planning on
combining it with the German body comp program. I’m taking
6tribex 2 times a day and 6 md6 in divided doses. As soon
as I finish tribex I will get Androsol. I plan on getting the
protein mixture you recommend from protein factory.
Question I know its 50% casein but which whey is best to
combine it with (isolate, CMF, Microfiltration, hydro 520, etc,
and which sweetner is best to use estevia, sucralose,
aspartame or a combo). As far as post workout nutrition
shake should fat be added VS No fat for a little faster
digestion, and can glutamine be added to the post workout

I don’t know why you started this with no Androsol…anyhow, pick whatever whey you
like, I used the WPC as it was cheapest.
I used aspartame to sweeten it and I
did not use a PW drink.


Purely a financial decision. I only allocate so much per week to supplements and I already went above and beyond for that week. I’ll get androsol next week

How much protein do you eat on the all protein days you talked about? Grams per pound of LBM?

I have the same question about the all protein day, How Much?