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Question for Brock or Bill

Someone mentioned using Surge to bring up a lagging bodypart. I’m wondering if it is possible to bring up a lagging bodypart through steroid means? I’m talking about those pencil calves and forearms given genetically by parents. Thanks guys!

as painfull as it sounds try local injections of test propionate in your lagging muscle areas, in the past I’ve see people use this technique to bring up their biceps, but jeezus man in the forearms and calves your gonna need some good pain medication.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be test propionate, it can be any oil based steroid. I used it with primobolan injecting in my biceps and I think it worked magically. Personally, I wouldn’t use it in my calves or forearms but that’s up to you.

Thanks for the replies guys. In the question I wasn’t specific about what I meant as far as bringing them along. I wasn’t thinking along the injection route, but I was aiming toward using an anabolic steroid to increase protein synthesis, which would shorten recovery time, and allow me to basically beat the shit out of the muscle (overtrain) a bit.
Also, I was wondering if it could bolster these parts by expanding them past what there normally used to- maybe stretchnig the fascia?